“Eureka Socks” was born after concerned parents living in Hong Kong read about cancer-causing substances found in school uniforms and branded clothing. It didn’t take much convincing for the founders of Eureka Socks to do further research and the results were fascinating.

Firstly, parents generally don’t know what they’re buying in Hong Kong and in the region as the labels are often not in English and sometimes not even in Chinese; so knowing what the materials are used is an extremely challenging task. Secondly, no one really pays much attention to what school uniforms are made of as it’s a compulsory purchase.

The feet have countless nerves and blood vessels that link all the way to the heart, spine, and brain and socks therefore are so important for the wellbeing of your children and adults alike. As your and your children’s feet are snuggled in their socks for the best part of the day, we’ve strived to provide you with the best and that’s healthy and happy feet!

After months of hard work, visits to factories in the region, independent lab testing and certification of the products, we’re delighted to introduce Eureka Socks to our community. We truly believe that the brand answers all the above-mentioned concerns as our manufacturing partners have the OKEO-TEX® Standard 100 certificate (“Confidence in Textiles”) which is the best known, independent and global certification for textiles tested for harmful substances.

Our socks are made from bamboo, feel wonderful, are natural and super soft and if that’s not enough, you also help a person in need because for every purchase you make, a pair of socks is given to underprivileged children in Hong Kong and Cambodia and to Hong Kong’s homeless population.

The “Eureka Socks” range includes:

- "School Socks" collection for students aged 3 to 18

- "Funky Socks" collection for children aged 3 to 12

- "The Basics" men's socks

and... watch this space for more!


 As a word of warning, “Eureka Socks” are addictive, and as soon as you’ve put them on your feet, you won’t want to take them off as you’ll feel the amazing difference right away!