Learning the gift of giving!


Eureka Socks are not regular socks, they help improve lives. With every purchase, we donate one pair of socks to a person in need. For you, your children and the rest of our community, the feeling is amazing! Not only the socks are extremely comfortable to  wear but also, the fact that you and our team help improve lives is a very rewarding feeling. And you can do more...


Joining the "Soles for Souls" programme 

You and your child can join our charity programme. One of the things our team is passionate about is give back to the community. Our aim is to donate 100,000 pairs of socks in 2017.


How does it work?



You place an order online (or though our partners/ distributors)




For every purchase, we give a pair of socks to children and the homeless population in Hong Kong and across Asia




Encourage your child to send us a handwritten message or a drawing that gets added to the parcel that will be delivered to the charity of choice. See Who we donate to. Your child can help pack the socks that will be delivered to the charity.




The children with the best messages will have an opportunity to join our team to deliver the socks to the underprivileged kids or homeless population of Hong Kong. It's an amazing experience for any kids to feel the power of giving!