Eureka Bamboo Socks is a local garment company working with socially responsible manufacturing partners. We offer ESF- Gleanealy students, parents, and faculty members high quality, healthy and extra-soft Bamboo-based school socks.

In addition, Eureka Bamboo Socks shares ESF's vision of helping our community: Thanks to your purchase, a pair of socks will be donated to the charities of your choice.

Get the DISCOUNT CODE from your school's PTA in order to enjoy a 15% discount on your order (to use at checkout).

2 PAIRS - White Ankle Socks
2 PAIRS - Blue Ankle Socks
4 PAIRS - White Ankle Socks
4 PAIRS - Blue Ankle Socks
2 PAIRS - White Athletic Socks
4 PAIRS - White Athletic Socks
2 PAIRS - White - sports/ active
4 PAIRS - White - sports/ active